Our short story

Over the past years we have honed our Hero Brand Approach. With it we help brands become Hero Brands that can change the world with their purpose. We transform their hero identity creatively into communication that engages and surprises. At the core of our approach are the universal elements of story: every story has a hero, that hero has a goal and foe that keeps the hero from achieving that goal. By overcoming a foe a brand becomes relevant, even intriguing. That’s how you become a Hero Brand.
Rogier, our Creative Friend, helps brands florish with the power of creatitivy and storytelling. Gijs, our Strategic Friend explores the inner workings of stories and how these can be applied to brands and communication. Pascalle, our Account Friend, brings the warmth and organisational flair that turns relationships with clients into longlasting friendships.
That our story in short, dear friend, what’s yours?

Friends & Foes