The story triangle
Cowboys & indians, cops & robbers, astronauts & aliens. Every story has a hero. Every hero has a goal. But it’s the villain, the adversary, the foe who makes us sit up in our seats. A foe need not be a person; a social convention or prejudice can be just as intimidating. So what if you apply this universal story principle to brands?

What if your brand were a hero on a quest who has to overcome a foe? This is the kind of story that triggers people’s attention, that makes your brand and everything it stands for easier to remember, and that demonstrates its meaning and purpose to people.

Become a hero brand
Brands with a great service or product and powerful brand values can transcend their category origins. By applying story principles, they can become heroes that appeal to universal human drives.

Align your brand around your identity
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. We use brand archetypes to discover what kind of hero your brand is. When you know who you are and what you stand for it becomes easier to create both consistency and relevance across touchpoints, channels and cultures. When you align around identity, all your communication starts adding up.

Your foe makes you stronger
To stand out, you should not just stand for something, you also need to fight against something. Only then will people take notice of your brand. Only then will people recognize how you contribute to society. A formidable foe makes your brand easier to remember and shows that you are truly acting on your purpose. It makes your brand memorable and meaningful.

Hero Brands are brands with a clear sense of identity, that stand for something and that fight against something. We believe the story behind your brand is your true strategy. That it defines your brand’s meaning for people, brings action to your purpose and makes what you have to say exciting and memorable.
Be better remembered
Provide meaning
Align actions with identity
Communicate consistently across touchpoints
Contribute instead of intrude
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Just like the Fellowship of the Ring, the Order of the Phoenix, or the A-team, our team is built on trust and has been strengthened by adversity. After working closely together for several years, we decided to continue together as: Friends & Foes.

We share the belief that great brands are created with a magical mix of art, craft, science and trust. We mastered our own abilities over many years while working for local and global clients, at large agencies, small agencies, consulting firms and even by creating our own companies and brands.

Rogier, our creative director, helps brands grow with the power of creativity and storytelling. His deeply rooted idealism also led him to set up companies to fight pollution. He creates wonderful products and fun experiences that tell the story of circularity in a language that has never been used before.

A love of story once led Gijs, our strategic director, to study English literature. Little did he know that it would ultimately lead to starting his own agency with Rogier and Pascalle. He continues to explore the inner workings of story and how they can be applied to brands and advertising. It often results in great insights and fantastic stories, before and well after the close of business.

But Friends & Foes only works when one person brings the fellowship together. Not just the three of us, but everyone we work with, clients and business partners alike. As our client service director, Pascalle brings the warmth and organizational flair that turns these relationships into long-lasting friendships.

Together we combine creativity, strategy and a commitment to get things done for our clients. These are the superpowers we have to offer. To build your brand, together with you, as a team. And to have some fun while we’re at it.

But so much for our story, dear Friend, what’s yours?